Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SPOTLIGHT: Essig Motif

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The Essig Motif Bio:

I was born and raised in Pasadena CA. and moved to rexburg to attend BYU-I in winter 2005, met my husband in october 2007 and we were married august 2007. We had a baby girl in october 2008 and named her Mary Ellen Essig but she goes by Ellie for short. After I had ellie in the hospital I hated the fact that her hands and feet weren't covered and all the socks that I put on her would slip right off, and so when i got out of the hospital I made the no-scratch mittens, and booties, so that she could be protected even when she kicked her blankets off.

For me nursing was a very special/convient thing, that I really enjoyed doing, however i was really self concious when i would go places and have to nurse, I was always scared that my back would show, and I rarely had a chair to conviently nurse in, so I created the cover-up nursing cover, so that I could nurse whenever and where ever I went. Everyone that saw it made comments about how much they liked it, so I decided that i should share my idea with others. It has been very rewarding to know that I have helped other women enjoy nursing with out the stress of being immodest.

I graduated from college in april 2009 with a B.S. in university studies and a minor in home and family. My major was origionally Art for the first 3 years, and when i got pregnant I decided that 2 more years was not pratical. Although Art continues to be my passion, the creating that I do everyday with my items in the store continues to fill that void. However I know that that one day i will continue painting again.

As for now we live in rexburg, Logan (my husband) is still attending BYU-I. Ellie is 17 months, and I am busy creating things for the store.

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Laura is a vendor in the store that has the CUTEST stuff. I'm obsessed with her flower clips and I basically wear one a day now. :) Check out her blog and come in the store to see all her cute stuff! She sells baby items such as booties, mittens, baby hats, and more. Her flower clips and headbands are favorites in the store.

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